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"OK für Kids" offers children, young people and their parents:

  • The security of knowing that approved services and products are truly child-friendly.  
  • The certainty of a welcome to children and their families. 
  • The reassurance of finding child-friendly infrastructure.
  • A trustworthy criterion when purchasing goods and booking accomodation or other services. 
  • The opportunity of giving feedback to certified companies in the form of questionnaires - making a contribution to child-friendliness in Germany as a whole.


"OK für Kids" offers companies and organisations:

  • The change to sustainably enhance their image with parents and children.
  • You will get a brilliant marketing tool. 
  • We can offer you joint appearances in the media.
  • We offer positive contact to younger target groups.
  • You will have an argument based on a neutral and demonstrable source in favour of your company - to be taken into account in customer purchasing and booking decisions.  
  • You will achieve an increase in quality within your company, while at the same time reducing operating costs.

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OK für Kids
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